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A short version

Here is a short version. This was taken from a letter I wrrote tomy local Newspaper:

On Sat. Oct. 12, 2002 I was in the shower when my fiancé informed me that there was an animal control officer outside, waiting to have a word with me. I got dressed and went outside to see what he could possibly want to talk to me about. He informed me that two months ago (which is strange due to the fact we had barely moved in two months ago, and no snakes were here yet) one of my neighbors had called to let them know I was keeping Pythons in my home. (Again, this is strange because I had not told anyone what kind of snakes I keep) Being the honest, law abiding citizen that I am, answered truthfully, and then invited him into my home to see that said animals are kept in padlocked cages of my design, built by myself. I assumed that once he saw the conditions these animals are kept in, he would apologize for taking up my time on a Sat. afternoon and we could move on to talking about how I might possibly be of service to Duncanville animal control if they ever came across a snake(s) like this, and needed assistance. To my shock and dismay, he simply let me read the city ordinance on the ban of Pythons, Boas, Monkeys, Tigers Lions and the like in this city. He would listen to nothing I had to say at that point and simply told me I had until Wed. the 16th of October to get them out of the city. I now had four days total to find new, experienced homes for my beloved snakes. Not only is this impractical, it is almost impossible. I take that back, it is impossible. After I came in, I read the ordinance (online, due to the fact he would not give me a copy) over and over trying to understand the reasoning behind such an ignorant law. I can see the logic behind banning dangerous animals such as Lions, and Tigers, and venomous species of snakes, but for the life of me, I could not understand the logic behind banning a harmless, Python or Boa. I decided to fight back. I contacted every news station in the Metroplex in a futile attempt to get my story out. I finally got a response from WB 33. Jim Grimes came out with his cameraman and did a short piece on my situation. He was able to get the city spokesman to state on the record, that there is a permitting process that I would be allowed to go through once the snakes were out of the city. Today, I personally appeared at city hall and requested the paperwork necessary to get started in this process. I must admit I was not shocked to find out that no such process exists. Apparently, the animal control officer referred to earlier had already denied my request for a permit. Funny, I don’t remember filling anything out and giving it to him that day, or any other for that matter. I contacted Mr. Grimes again, to let him know that all the information the city provided on the record, for public view, was absolutely false in every way. The last I heard he was trying to contact someone at animal control to see if perhaps they could all get one story and keep it straight. I also took the time while I was there to try and talk to the city secretary, Jeannie Fralicks. She informed me that all I could do would be to write a letter to the appeals committee and wait for a response. Luckily I had one in my back pocket and hand delivered it to her. I have enclosed a copy of that letter with this one. Basically that is where I am at now in this battle for my personal freedoms in Duncanville.

The main point the city keeps giving me is that my snakes are a danger to the public and emergency personell. What a crock.
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