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Word around these parts is Ottawa has a new goalie

Thanks goodness for Melnyk, Muckler, and Murray. Its about time things are done right with this team, and from the moves made in the time Melnyk has been owner (Bondra, Murray as new coach, Bonk gone and Hasek agreeing to terms) you gotta love the beginning of our new look. No matter what anyone says, I think the addition of Bondra will reak havic on goaltenders this coming season (if there is one). Murray as coach will allow out finess players (Havlat, Spezza, Bondra, Alfie) more offensive freedom, which should be a good fit with workhorses such as Hossa, Fisher, and Chara. Hasek took a 7 million a year cut (2 million now) to join us, and if everything goes as planned, there should be a press conference sometime this week to make the deal final. All I can hope for now is no work stoppage and I ready for a nice craaaaazy winning season.

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