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I hear ya..

a couple of years ago I went to a pet store and saw this poor little ball had wounds all over...but there was one on his back that was really bad. You can actually see bones of the poor little one. I also noticed that the lower part of the body from that wound on wasn't moving at all.
I asked the pet store why this is. Well this is what they told me. They sold this poor little ball python to this idoit and the stupid idoit tried to feed it a live mice. He left if there for a couple of days thinking that the ball python must have ate the mouse....but a couple of days later he went back to the enclosure and saw blood, the badly wounded ball python and a live mouse....

So instead of being smart and taking it right to the vet he took it back to the stupid pet store. The pet store took it back and said 'well if we're able to heal it back we'll resell it then'
It would be alright for me IF they were actually doing something to help it. BUT the pet store wasn't being any smarter to the idoit too. Cause they put the wounded ball in a rack system that you can see through with NO hides...just news paper and water the ball doesn't feel secure and its wounded...thats smart.

So I offered the pet store to take it to a reptile vet and take a look at it. Guess what the first thing they said to me was? "Well we are not going to be responsible for the vet bill though. If you are willing to pay for the bill, go ahead and take the ball python"

so I took the ball python to a vet and an x-ray had to be done cause the lower part of it wasn't moving at all. It was literally dragging the body along. After the x-ray we found out that the nerve cells and the bone structure on that part of the wound was so bad that there is no cure for the poor little one. So we finally decided that we have to put it down.

Even though I only spend maybe 3 hours with it, my heart hurted a lot for that little one...

So yeah there are a lot of mistreated snakes around...
mostly because of uneducated people and thinking that 'Hey lets go get a snake...that'll be cool' kind of thing.

Sorry after reading your post I had to rant a bit here too...
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