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What is wrong with people?

I got into snakes almost exactly a year ago after keeping lizards for a decade. I had read alot about snakes and I had a good sized storehouse of knowledge about them. I got a ball python because I thought that was a good species to start with. I picked a good one because Shriek has been a joy since day one. Last fall I bought a little IJ carpet python from Zoe Stevens and the same thing, Khan has been a joy as well.

Now, in the past four months I have adopted/rescued two snakes that have been poorly kept and/or abused.
First one is Fugg a suri redtail boa that was starved and reputed to be a biter. I have been feeding her (she was supposed to be a reluctant feeder but eats like a pig) and I have handled her and she is as docile as a snake can be. She is just the best.
The second one is a stunted ball python that is just ready to come out of intensive care at a friend's home. This poor creature had wounds on his back from rodent bites and had dead skin stuck all over his body. He was so listless but since has eaten twice. I have every hope that he comes around and turns into a good snake too.

So the point of my post is this, why in hell can't anyone stick with their commitment to take care of their animals? I do, I take great pains to take the best care of my animals. I have acquired two snakes that were on their way to death from poor care. Free snakes yes and damn nice ones but I would rather see the original owners take care of their responsibilities instead of having them handed over to me. Better yet if the idiots didn't buy the snake in the first place.

Sorry for the rant but this is a real sore point with me. I am sure that there are many members on this site that have similar attitudes and experiences.
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