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OH MAN, what a game, Portugal deserved to win but England showed a lot of Heart. VIVA PORTUGAL!!!
How do you figure that? I think it was an extremely close game, and if anything, England deserved to win. Although, in the latter part of the game, Portugal did step it up a bit.

I'm starting to feel England is the most over-rated of the "top" teams period. They always seem to make early exits - recently anyways...
I will almost agree with you about Beckham, however England as a whole? I don't think so... They played amazing in their prior matches, and they stood their ground and almost won against Portugal, which nonetheless is a good team.

I am thrilled that France is out, though. And the Italy game - what can I say? I had checked live at UEFA and Denmark was leading 2-1. All of a sudden, Italy scores a beautiful goal and win the game. Here I am thinking Denmark had the game, then Sweden tied it up. It is unforunate that we did not get that penalty shot that Cassano clearly deserved. It is also unforunate that a penalty shot was awarded to Bulgaria when they both committed a foul. I find it kind of weird that before the game, it was rumoured that Denmark and Sweden would intentially tie the game. A little disappointed, understandably, and oddly enough I am now hoping for Portugal to win. Oddly enough, I have called the outcome of every game so far, aside from the Denmark - Sweden match, and something tells me Portugal will lose their next match.

*sigh* Another disappointing soccer competition.
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