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tupac was not a poser, he had two very different sides to him.. like i believe every person does.. don't lie and say you don't screptiles.. tupac probably did kill people, he probably did assault people, he probably sell drugs, but because he had to.. that's what i hate with today's justice system, in order to not get arrested, you have to take the beating and run, scream, yell, or get stabbed and maybe dead.. if someone comes up to rob you, with a weapon, you then take the weapon and beat him with it so you don't get beat, who goes to jail? you! even though you defended yourself.. i've lived thru it, it isn't fair... maybe if he didn't do all he had done, he'd have died at a much earlier age.. he did it all with good intentions, with a good heart, he had to to survive.. his lyrics explain his lifestyle.. he had to clutch a pistol 24/7, he had to be ready to shoot, many people wanted to kill him out of greed, for money... he's always had to watch his back.. i don't appreciate the pictures you posted in the fashion you posted them but its your life and what i say probably won't affect you... he changed the world, its too bad many ignorant people just saw him as a hard thug and want to be like him with bad intentions, like robbing people for the heck of it, shooting people because they looked at them wrong, etc... pac wasn't like that, he'd shoot at you if you shot at him, he'd rob if he had to eat... don't get me wrong, there's probably many bad things he did as a teenager with no good intentions, like fight people, etc.. but what teenager hasn't? he just made his life public.. and i bet that if you had the choice of making your life, good and bad, public to be a multi-millionare and own every snake that ever caught your eye, you'd do it.,,

he did not rape that girl... his friends or people he knew probably did or they set him up, i've seen this happen now a days... he got arrested because police and the government did not like him from day one and always looked for reasons to arrest him, this time they had something to do it on.... his life was kinda sad at times. he worked his butt off and tried to enjoy his short life while having others constantly trying to screw him, not letting him do his thing.. but he stayed strong, and that makes him a role model.. he stayed strong thru things that many people woulda commited suicide over.. he gives many people the courage to stay strong thru ruff times.. and life is full of those times..

2pac also was in a shoot out with cops once.. but he didn't go to jail because the officers had unregistered guns and started shooting at him first.. that there proves that they where all out too get him.. and the reason biggy shot pac, and the reason they tried to set him up and put in jail over that rape bs, is because they wanted the lime light, all the money, which he had.. he shined more then all the other good rappers back then and the other rappers had MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH harsher songs.. listen to Notorious Big's lyrics and tell me what you think then..
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