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Originally posted by daver676
LMAO! I almost fell over when I heard this! BAHAHA!

So what could you "teach" me bud? The most efficient way to smoke crack? Or maybe how to load 9mm? I highly doubt that there is anything that you could teach me about this guy that I would actually want to learn.

Keep the comedy coming!
i don't know the most efficient way of smoking crack, i never touched it.. i don't know how to teach you the best way to load a nine, i've never owned one or even touched one when i've seen it for that matter... i was saying i'd teach you a little about tupac because i do know much more then many of you do about him.. ignorance is why people dislike him.. and if you choose to stick to the way you are and speak the things you do without even knowing a bit about what your speaking, then your an ignorant person... i don't know what brings you to assume i smoke crack and bust guns, cause i like tupac?? you see, there you go throwing me into a category just like others do tupac.. you don't even know me, i suggest you don't speak of me and/or accuse me of doing something i don't....
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