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don't EVER compare 50cent, to tupac... 50 is a little girl compared to tupac, he has no heart... tupac promoted his past as glorious because he SURVIVED thru all of it..
I canít stay out of this any longer. Pac was a poser. He didnít survive anything (he is dead). In the early 80ís he was member of digital underground. Yes, he sang and danced with humpty! Gangster rap got popular, so he got some tattoos and became a gangster. He promoted violence, drug dealing, and female degradation. Anyone who supports that is a piece of trash, just like was stated! And who, in the blue hell, would consider him a roll model? He had a look and a voice and a wise promoter used that to get rich. That is the end of the Tupac story! A roll model? Hell no!
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