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Thanks guys.

Simon I have no intention of ever trying to do anything but whole sale my corns. I keep the ones I want and send the rest out.
The first two clutchs, Opal hets and Hypos and normals are due to hatch anytime as both have gone past day 60.

Here are the most recent two clutchs to have been laid.
8 Amel X Snow het for hypo. I'm hoping for a snow and maybe a surprise. With only 8 I won't hold my breath.

Here are 17 Anery het hypo x snow het hypo. This will be aneries and ghost. Got two last year from this paring which gave a clutch of 15. Of the two ghost only one made it.

And here is the last thing that will give birth for me this year. May be nothing but slugs in there who knows. Both her and the male are unproven. Of all the projects I have this year including the poss het for albino balls this one is the most exciting for me. I'm hoping for some nice colours. My long term goal is to produce a red patternless amazon and this right here is the start of that long road.

Thanks for looking and all the comments,
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