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The reason I ask is because I'd really like to get a snake, ie. a western hognose, and I'm NOT allowed to feed a mouse dead or alive, so I was wondering if they could live on these "sausages?"
This certainly does put a damper on feeding and keeping most snakes. I assume there is a reason for this beyond your immediate control.

As for the sausages, I have heard both pro and con on the subject of using them as a substitute for "natural" meals of reptiles. Some pros are that they are simple to use, easy to store and wont gross out family members when kept in the fridge. At least I would think. Still does not promise they will be accepted by any captive snake.

Some cons, your substituting a more natural diet for convenience. I simply believe any herp benefits at best when offered the closest natural diet they can. Also, I may add, that these products are not necessarily controlled by the Food and Drug Admin. because they are not for human consumption. Therefore, they can be made from just about anything. They need not state what their product is made from for that reason. Personally it is something I would not use. I know when I feed a rat to a snake that it is in fact a rat. Bones, flesh, fur and all. But by all means, give them a try if you desire. I do not think there is an immediate risk, but possibly could be long term problems down the road. My 2.
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