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Originally posted by ReptiliansDOTca

And I suppose you believe he wanted to be in this environment, and that he chose to be here? Most real 'gangsters' are in that position as they felt they had no other choice, and often had horrible childhoods, parents without jobs or lacking money as a whole. Tupac rapped about his struggles, and one reason he was so popular is because a lot of people could relate to him and his problems.
I've always hated this type of statement because there is ALLWAYS another choice. It may not be the easy choice but every person who lives in that type of environment isn't a gang banger. He may not of liked being in that situation but it was still HIS CHOICE. He consciously made the choice to be in a gang, he consciously made a choice to commit violent acts of crime. He made those choices, nobody else made them for him. Then to publicize that he made those choices as a means of survival, to me is BS. There are always other choices, no one has to be a violent criminal, but he made that choice. Now he was glorifying and making it ok because he made those choices because of where he lived.

Again, if someone is stupid enough to believe a life of killing, death, drugs, and fearing for your life is something to strive for, then you cannot blame a rapper for their stupidity. If I tell you jumping off a bridge onto a cement floor is fun, and the thing to do, will you do it? Everyone keeps referring to how they glorify it, maybe it is just me, but all I hear is how bad their lives have been.
But the thing is why do they have to sit there and say that they have done all these things and look at me now? I mean think of it from this end. These public figures are sitting around saying, yea I did this and that, and I committed this crime and that crime, and I was in a gang. But look at me now, I make millions of dollars because of what I used to be. How are people supposed to perceive that kind of message? To them it looks as if because of the things they did, the person they were, they were able to become this superstar. That is not the type of message a person with such public influence should be sending. Sure they may have had a tough upbringing, but don't sit there and tell everyone every horrible thing you've done. Reflect on the fact that yes things were tough, yes they were bad, but I've moved past that and I'm a better person. That's the message they should try and promote.
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