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Now you could be right, I could have done 10 x worse things in my past then 2 pac ever has, but here is the difference maker. I won't ever publicize the things I've done, try and make them seem ok because I survived. If I did half of the stuff that 2 pac did, I would not be sitting here saying, "Yea, I used to be a gangster, I did all this stuff, but now I'm a rapper so it's ok". I wouldn't publicize that this was what I did to get to where I am today. I would be ashamed of the things I did, I wouldn't want to make a spectacle out of the things I did because they arenít things that a person should be proud of. Now if 2 Pac lived in the ghetto was able to stay out of gangs, stay away from the violence and drugs and made it out to become the person he was today. That would be a much more positive message to put out there then, I lived in the ghetto, I was in a gang, I did some violent things, but now that I've made it out, I want everyone to know what I did so they will respect me more. NO! I won't respect a person more because he was a criminal and was able to make it out of a horrible environment, I respect the person that in that horrible environment would be able to remain a law abiding citizen and still make something of himself after the fact, if he became a rapper or a rocket scientist. That is a message worth glorifying and publicizing, 2 pac should never be proud of his past, he should have learned from it, not glorified it. If he had of learned from his mistakes and tried to get away from that type of lifestyle then maybe he would still be alive today.

But to sit here and justify and morn his lifestyle is not right. He didn't lead a positive life. Now this isn't saying that every criminal, or every rapper, or every gang banger is a piece of trash. But if you are proud of the horrible things you have done in the course of your life and then publicize the fact you did these things and try and justify and make it out like this type of lifestyle is ok, that makes a person a piece of trash. That type of lifestyle should not be a badge on your sleeve, it shouldn't be promoted in anyway, a person should take from those experiences and learn from then, not continue down the past and justify the things that you do/did because of the environment you grew up in.

Now here is something I'm curious about, what is the difference between 50 cent and 2 pac. They both promote the same message. They were gang members, they have committed violent crimes, been involved in gang activates, and they are proud of it. Spreading this message across the air waves like MTV and every piece of media. Do you honestly think that this is the type of message we should tolerate? Can you sit there and tell me that publicizing yourself as a gangster is ok? These things are not things that should be socially accepted, but they are, and they are accepted because of people like 2 pac and 50 cent who glorify their horrible past as an ok thing.

That is what bothers me about people with that type of message.
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