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Originally posted by PuNkuPoNAsTAR
Everyone should have heroes...personally, mine is Jeffery Dahmer.

Seriously though, gangster rap is not any kind of positive music and never will be. Tupac wasn't doing anything to stop racism, all he did was promote a negative stereotype, one that is still promoted by todays ever-so packaged 'gangster' rappers. I love looking at my little sisters teen-beat magazine and seeing 50-cent right next to Hillary Duff.

Do people even think before trying to defend something so mindlessly?
ummm, no offense, but if you actually read what myself and many others wrote in his defence, you'll see that we put a hell of a lot of thought into it... also, how many of his songs have you heard? his peoms? his books? his writings? his interviews? well i've seen, heard, and read pretty much all of it so i'd say i'm in a pretty good position to teach you all here the knowledge i've aquired.. his songs are like a book or a movie.. i don't see you saying the movie gladiator is a negative movie and in fact you probably like it.. well, think of tupac as the gladiator, he's done many bad things, but because he had to.. tupac's songs are like the movie, telling his many battles with life and how he succeeded thru them all but was back stabbed at the end, causing him to die...

don't take this to heart, i'm just trying to educate you on tupac a bit before you speak and compare his "gangster rap" to that of 50 cent's.. i believe the reason many people dislike pac is because of ignorance... people just throw him into the general gangster rap that has made hip hop such a bad thing... no hard feelings to anyone i'm trying to educate here alright?
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