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I guess I worded it wrong saying he deserved death but it kind of comes with the enviroment he was involved with.
And I suppose you believe he wanted to be in this environment, and that he chose to be here? Most real 'gangsters' are in that position as they felt they had no other choice, and often had horrible childhoods, parents without jobs or lacking money as a whole. Tupac rapped about his struggles, and one reason he was so popular is because a lot of people could relate to him and his problems.

By glorifying the "Thug Life" it makes people think it is ok to act in that matter when really, it's not.
I wouldn't really say he glorified it. If someone is stupid enough to think that a life of dealing drugs, murder, and having to worry about every step you make, knowing your life is on the life, is something to be glorified, then how can you blame Tupac for their stupidity?

My problem with people like 50 cent, 2 pac, and every other rapper out there that talks about their past is that they are not promoting it as a horrible time in their life. They promote it as an over glorified good time.
Again, if someone is stupid enough to believe a life of killing, death, drugs, and fearing for your life is something to strive for, then you cannot blame a rapper for their stupidity. If I tell you jumping off a bridge onto a cement floor is fun, and the thing to do, will you do it? Everyone keeps referring to how they glorify it, maybe it is just me, but all I hear is how bad their lives have been.

Its one thing to say you will learn from your mistakes, it's another all together to say you'll learn from your mistakes and then keep repeating them. For these types of people, 2 pac included, he used the line "learning from my mistakes" as a way to gain acceptance, while he continued making these mistakes over and over again.
Again, do you think he wanted to be in the life he was? Anyhow, rap is not the only type of music that promotes illegal activity. I am sure we all know this.

One thing I love about Eminem, is that he glorifies the truth in that people are so quick to blame others for their problems, or for the way theirs kids act. As Matt quoted from his lyrics, it is the parents' responsibility to raise their children properly, and if they fail to do so, why is it fair to blame others for this?
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