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Originally posted by Vengeance
My problem with people like 50 cent, 2 pac, and every other rapper out there that talks about their past is that they are not promoting it as a horrible time in their life. They promote it as an over glorified good time. I don't wish death on anyone, and I didn't say I was glad he was dead. It's a horrible thing when anyone dies because life is a precious thing.
don't EVER compare 50cent, to tupac... 50 is a little girl compared to tupac, he has no heart... tupac promoted his past as glorious because he SURVIVED thru all of it.. if you fell from a sky scraper and survived to tell the tale, would you not promote it as if you made it? i sure would, i'd be thanking God i survived and would make it the most glorious, precious moment of my life.. now, i wouldn't recommend to others that they try it, but i'd tell them i made it in a sense of pride... tupac was a very proud person, even of his defects...

" One less gang banger / piece of trash in the world, I sure won't miss him."

that doesn't sound like your glad he died? he wasn't a piece of trash and you've probably done worse things then him for all i know.. for example, just because your name is vengeance and i know that revenge is a bad thing to do, it's not the "good way of life" as society has it, would you like it if i automacaly(sp?) threw you into a bad category when you pass and state, "One less very bad person / piece of trash in the world, I sure won't miss him."???
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