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Originally posted by proud2bcanadian
Thanks da_illest for posting this. :thumbsup:
Tupac deserves the best. He is my favourite rapper, because I just connect with everything that he says.

I don't know what you're talking about Vengeance. :hammer:

Well said Matt. Thank you!


"We talk a lot about Malcom X and Martin Luther King JR, but It's time to be like them, as strong as them. They were mortal men like us and everyone of us can be like them. I don't want to be a role model. I just want to be someone who says, this is who i am, this is what i do. I say what's on my mind." - Tupac Shakur

"Let me say for the record, I am not a gangster and never have been. Im not the thief who grabs your purse. Im not the guy who jacks your car. Im not down with the people who steal and hurt others. Im just a brother who fight back." - Tupac Shakur

"Support me... If you don't understand me don't write about me" - Tupac Shakur

man, amazing post! pac just does what he has to do.. he's not like all these thugs running around now a days acting like they even now what the word thug meant to pac... to all you people hatin', hate on! to all those who actually know a little something about tupac, that is why you post such good posts.. he was a really good person at heart but he did what he had to do... i've lived in the roughest part of toronto in the past, and that doesn't make me a thug.. i've seen many bad things with my 2 eyes and tupac just always gave me a sense of strength, his music helped me be strong at times where i broke down.. tupac was an educated man, an articulate thug... he was really smart and not some crack head running around talking smack.. he chose to never touch coke, crack, or anything other then weed for that matter, with the exception of liquor of course... he was a real man and in his few years in the music industry, he's done more work and worked harder for that matter then all of you hating on him will do in your life times... you don't know him, so don't just throw him into a category, he IS his own category..
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