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I'm a herper girl too. Not so young, though, and I'm also not single. Been married for 10 years now. Been seriously herping for 5. I have always had a love of animals and reptiles in particular but I never got out much and living in a little hick town there were no pet stores that carried herps. I got my first herps in 1999 from a friend ( I was young and nieve and didn't realize it was a wild caught native species at the time, once I found out more about it I relieced them back into the area she got them and when herp searching in near by Ottawa, found my first bearded and it continued from there. My daughter is now officially a herper chick as well, she got her first snake last week end. She's 9 1/2. My husband on the other hand is not an animal person and is somewhat afriad of my lizards. He is terrified extremely of snakes. He made the terrible mistake of letting me get my first snake for mother's day. We now have 3. lol. Just tiny ones though, 2 corns and my daughter's sinaloan milk.
Before my herps I had other exotic animals, hedgies, dwarf hamsters, dwarf rabbit, and a pug dog. They have all passed since and although I miss them I have to say the herps are the best of my pets.

Oh, and Martin, nice to see you around again. Hope all is well with you. The albinos are doing great, I have nearly a dozen babies and the girls were starting to slim a bit but since I took caesar away from them they are doing great. Oh, and you should see him, he is huge now, you wouldn't believe he was the same little gecko from last summer. lol. He's a cutie!! And the girls are very handlable now and they stoped biting a couple months after I got them. Thanks again.
Herps are like pringles, you can't stop at just one.
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