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I bought more than I sold but that didn't take much since I only sold a couple cage decos. lol. But I had a great time, sat between two great venders and chatted with a few new people. My daughter came with me to this show and she had a blast! She is almost 10. She bought, well I bought, her first snake. Good thing she's a daddy's little girl cuz he is terrified of snakes and she had to call him and beg him for it. lol. She absolutely loves her new pet and sweetie is great with her as well! Jeff, are you sure you packed the right snake? lol.
I was really tempted with Linda's amels but had to be practicle. I spent so much on the expo and went home broke. But it was fun and a great day out. Even though I was sick most of the day. Main thing was that my daughter had a blast and was able to walk aroung without me worrying about where she was at cuz I could see her at all times. lol.
I was asked about auctioning off something as well and I personally thought it was a silly idea, but the silent auction was a good think, I think.
I also got a really nice female (or so we hope) crestie from Hilde and hope she likes my male. Just found out his is a proven boy cuz my girl laid 2 eggs yesterday that was with him. What was I thinking. lol, j/k Hilde, I know he went to a good home and I didn't need any more males.
I think Nadia worked hard to bring this show together and some people expected too much after the pcpc shows, because they are so big and well known. I do agree that there should have been more signs and more advertising but I do know she had it in the local paper as well as a couple forums. I hope it is better next time if there is a next time.

And I can't wait for the next pcpc show. It a long drive for me but having the day off and spending it around all those herps is so worth it! lol.
well, until then...
Herps are like pringles, you can't stop at just one.
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