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My problem with people like 50 cent, 2 pac, and every other rapper out there that talks about their past is that they are not promoting it as a horrible time in their life. They promote it as an over glorified good time. I don't wish death on anyone, and I didn't say I was glad he was dead. It's a horrible thing when anyone dies because life is a precious thing. But like I said, I'm not sad to see him go. Awareness is one thing, people should know about the atrocities that happen in places that like so that we can try and effect change, but to publicize it and make it a good thing is not good.

When I make mention to the got milk add campaign, what I'm trying to demonstrate is that this type of culture is seeping into everything, and yes it is just music, but the music still has a message behind it. In that message it does nothing but promote violence, drugs and gangs. This isn't the type of lifestyle that should be celebrated let alone promoted. These people are glorified and made heroes because of the horrible up bringing and the things they did in their life, to me that isn't right.

I'd just like to address Lisa's post for one moment. Besides the fact that Ontario is not as bad as any other crime infested area in the US does not make it any less real. Just because you were ok and not scared of the violence that was all around you, does not make my fear of the possibility that something could happen any less valid. Just because you think it isn't probable that it might happen doesn't mean that it won’t and it only takes one time to ruin a persons life forever, so why even take that chance. Also yes government housing does serve its purpose to try and get people of the streets, but when you think of government housing is it ever portrayed as a safe neighborhood? I can't think of one project, or government house area that is ever deemed "safe". So when I say that government housing is right around the corner make things less safe, I don't generalize saying that every person in that place is a horrible criminal and should be locked up away from my sight. But that doesn't take away from the fact that some people in those types of situations are prone to criminal activity. So again my fear is justified. Also Lisa were talking in levels of degrees here, just because a person has a criminal record does not make them a piece of trash. Continuing to break the law, committing violent crimes, and then promoting the fact that it's "cool" to do such things makes a person a piece of trash. I don't classify all criminals in this category, but if you are a never ending problem for society, then you’re a problem.

Its one thing to say you will learn from your mistakes, it's another all together to say you'll learn from your mistakes and then keep repeating them. For these types of people, 2 pac included, he used the line "learning from my mistakes" as a way to gain acceptance, while he continued making these mistakes over and over again.

Also just as another note I would like to post this link.

This article is how Toronto is now like LA was 15 years ago. Personally I would not like to see the city get to this point.

Also yes I could have sat by and ignored this thread while everyone praised 2 Pac for the life that he lived, but I'm sorry this person does not deserve to be revered or publicized as a good person. He may have done some things some things to shed light on racism and things of that nature, but to try and say that his lifestyle was ok or should me mourned for that matter is not ok in my mind.

Also I'm can keep this civil as long as the rest of you can, I'm always open for a debate. Also I don't have a close minded opinion on the subject, this is my personal opinion from my personal experiences, and just as everyone is entitled to their opinion based on their experiences I'm entitled to mine.
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