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Spare me your "I'm from the ghetto so I can say it" rant.

Try growing up in Southern California like I did. Yup. And guess what? I don't hate "thugs" rap music, of tupac. We WERE the victims of home invasion more times than I can count, some violent, and many more things I won't put here because half of you couldn't even handle hearing about it.

You say your words don't come out of anger but "facts" ???

I have MORE facts than you, I grew up in a FAR worse neighborhood then you, but our facts are totally different because I am not a closed minded unhappy person who seems to get joy out of a human beings death or at the very least, boasts about it.

P.S. I also had criminal offenses as a minor (under 18) So I guess that means I don't deserve anyone caring when I die. Yup.

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