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Originally posted by Vengeance
Also when I called 2 Pac a piece of trash, I call it like I see it. This person was a convicted felon, premoted the fact he was involved in gang affairs. Also the fact that he was shot and targeted specifically raises some other questions. People don't get targeted by those types of groups by not being involved in gang related events.

So when I say one less piece of trash on this earth, my words don't come from hate or anger, they come from fact and knowledge. 2 pac wasn't a positive enforcment on society as a whole. He was not a good person, and his death should not be missed by anyone.

Also the fact that you automatically assume that I'm a racist and a hate monger in unapriciated. I have no problems with black people or people of any race. As long as they are a law abiding and a positive member of society.
Okay, you're not racist. The only problem I have is the 'piece of trash' part. Tupac was a role model to many people. There is still a lot of racism in the world, and he was one of the people who tried to stop it, and that is one reason why I say thanks to him. His death is missed by people because he was someone in a society that made a difference, a difference that has actually changed lives. Therefore, he would be classified as a hero - A person noted for feats of courage or nobility of purpose. Yes, he and others (50 cent) do have a criminal background, but there is no reason to look upon their past. They tell us of their life, and all of the troubles that they go through. They are the ones who share their experiences to help others. If they didn't share their experiences, people who are going through the same thing would not know where to get advice from, meaning from someone who has actually gone through the same problems in life.

Thank you Tupac, for trying your best to stop racism, and to help others by sharing your experiences. I will always miss you as a hero and as a person!

Originally posted by python_diva_06
great post David!!!
David Liles
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