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Fuuny that people jump all over a person when they don't even know the facts behind their opinion.

Fact 1) I do know what I'm talking about and there is a riseing gang problem in Ontario and mabye going back 8 years ago I was involved in it, I was a piece of trash back then, and I grew up and realized that if I ever wanted to make something of myself I better get out of this lifestyle. So when I see someone is a piece of trash I speak from personal experiance.

Fact 2) Where I live there have been home invasions, drive by shootings, assults, and most likely a large number of unreported violent crimes. There is also goverment houseing just around the corner from my apt. So when I say I'm affraid to let my girlfriend out at night by herself to walk to dog, it's not ignorance or racisium, it's fact and fear of what could happen.

Do I have an angry outlook on the current situation, yes I do. I'm angry that now being a violent criminal is "cool". It's all over our media, people like 50 cent are praised for there violent background and preaching about dealing drugs, acting violently, and being a part of a gang. These are the supposed "role models" of todays youth. You can see it everywhere, even add campains such and McDonalds and Milk have started to incorperate this "ghetto" culture into their adds. So no I'm not happy.

Also when I called 2 Pac a piece of trash, I call it like I see it. This person was a convicted felon, premoted the fact he was involved in gang affairs. Also the fact that he was shot and targeted specifically raises some other questions. People don't get targeted by those types of groups by not being involved in gang related events.

So when I say one less piece of trash on this earth, my words don't come from hate or anger, they come from fact and knowledge. 2 pac wasn't a positive enforcment on society as a whole. He was not a good person, and his death should not be missed by anyone.

Also the fact that you automatically assume that I'm a racist and a hate monger in unapriciated. I have no problems with black people or people of any race. As long as they are a law abiding and a positive member of society.
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