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Post Moving Mountains

Although it pains me greatly, I am coming to the realization that there is a very good chance I will loose all my snakes. At first I was very upset, then angry, then upset again. The reality is sinking in and all I can do is try and change this law. I want to thank each and every one of you for the support I have gotten here, and all the great advice. I couldn't even bring myself to read the forums for awhile because I was so envious that some get to enjoy the hobby I love while it was stripped from me. Well, I guess (temporarily at least) I can live vicariously through my friends here on the forums. Be thankful for your ability to keep your animals. You would miss them more than you know if they were taken away so suddenly and with such disregard for your feelings for them. I will be around, looking at your pics with a jealous eye, and enjoying the stories that kept me here in the first place. Take care everyone, and keep an eye on your local government, they can really put the screws to you,
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