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Okay, i've bitten my tongue long enough.... No, i am not a fan of Tupac or his music.. Yes, i am a fan of hip hop.. (insert your lame jokes here, if you must).. I guess that makes me a peice of trash...

First of all, Mykee, i nearly pissed when i read that.. LMAO..

Vengence, who are you??? Your comments are worthless.. Are you better then any of those 'peices of trash'??

Mike, Very well said...

Vengence, from the 'ghetto' to the inbred capitol of Ontario.. Good stuff.. I hardly think the 'peices of trash' in Scarborough have nothing better to do then go after your girlfriend when the sun goes down..

Im not sure why you feel the need to make comments as such, if you don't like the thread in question, just skip past it. When i read it this morning, i thought, 'ummm, did this guy know Tupac?'.. And i just moved on, knowing in the back of mind that someone would make comments like the ones above..
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