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I'm happy to see I'm not the only one that has the so called "gotta have its"!!! It's just so darn hard to deal with everyones nice snake pics sometimes, especially since joining this site. I keep drooling at all the cute snakes and adding more and more to my wish list and planning out these new enclosures so I can have all the snakes my little heart desires (although I don't think that's ever going to happen!). Now that we're looking into a new home, I'm already planning out a snake room!!! Will it ever end??? Am I going to need to get a mansion one day to have all the snake rooms I want? Or hire some help to care for them all??? Okay, I'm starting to go nuts here!!!

The boyfriend is dealing with my passion pretty well for someone who isn't as addicted as I am. He knows and accepts the idea of a room just for my snakes and aside from the discouraging sighs he lets out when I go on and on about the subject, he's real nice about dealing with my snakes and helps me out when I need him to. He's just the type that one would be enough and I'm totally the opposite, I need one of every kind!!! He's slowly coming around and bracing himself to more coming soon. I don't bug him about golf so it's all good!

Thanks for your responses all
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