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Originally posted by Will
You sure she can take those home...?

I was in New Zealand last year, and they have very, very tight restrictions on what goes into their country - especially plant & animal products.

Do they allow anything in at all...? I got the impression while there that they wouldn't allow any exotic in what-so-ever - period. Does she keep anything back home...? Should drag her over here. I'd be fascinated to hear what they have over there, as I thought that there'd be nothing in the way of reptiles.
Hey Will, Man, I envy you. I would LOVE to go over there for a visit.

She doesn't keep any snakes or lizards, she had the oppurtunity to get a bearded dragon ( all legally ), but it was $600!!!!!!!!!!! Just for a normal Needless to say, she did not get it LOL.

She does have turles

Way back when...we looked into the sheds, I wanted to send some for her son as a surprise eh. But I didn't want to send a pkg just to have it confiscated. So she asked the authorities about recieving sheds from snakes and lizards......they ok'd it. I don't know the exact reason it does not fall under their forbidden category.....

perhaps because they aren't illegal? I do not know.
Dragons and certain other herps are legal, but very few people keep them because 1. they aren't native there so it has to be imported, and imported animals have to undergo an extensive Q' period in which officials have them and may not take proper care of them....2. because of the import, the $$$ of these herps is OUTRAGEOUS. the actual herp costs an arm and a leg, the time spent in Q costs, etc. quite the pain in the buttocks aye.

Hey Will, want me to ask her what the procedure for importing actually is?
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