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Well as you know or may not know EURO CUP 2004, has had some real neat surprizes. And if you been following your favorite teams you most likely saw today' s game.

Euro Cup 2004 has to be the most intense sport event seen worldwide right next to World Cup and Olympics. There are alot of sports but when you see the numbers (population) on who sees what and when, these 3 take it.

Well I was crusing my sites that show some nice photos on todays game and found this to be a great photo for history in the making.


PORTUGAL is on :firestart

The game is getting more intense and we will see amazing play from the current teams and great saves and shots.

If your not a fan, that is fine....I myself can' t stand ice boxing or foot wrestling, lol....where there is champ every year, like it means anything to be champ every

Oh well. :medwhistl


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