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I'm definitely not going to disagree with you Pixie

Not that I wasn't already addicted to herps when I came to this site -- I was. But being here has only made it worse -- hehe At least BEFORE I came I was only addicted to one kind of herp... and it definitely wasn't snakes. I never would have considered bringing one home...

Now I'm hoping to bring my first one home this weekend at the St.Jacob's show -- and in the process of my research, have come up with at least 3-4 other kinds of snakes that I want to have... hehe...

I need help! Can anyone help me?? Hehe... probably not You're all in just as bad of shape (or worse ) than me *grins*...

Anyhow -- good luck converting the boyfriend... I never did manage to... now that we're not together anymore, I think that I'll be going for a fellow herp lover next time -- just so much easier that way Although perhaps not on the pocketbook! LOL....
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