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The problem with breeder registries or whatever you want to call them, is that herpers are traditionally pretty antisocial, or perhaps I should say private.
Things have opened up a bit since computers and the internet, but many herpers are still underground where its safe, and it would be a mistake to think they all even have computers. Ryan, guys like Sayers and Pogue fall into that category. Dr. Phil is also presently pretty much removed from the canuck herp scene, by choice.... I'm sure there are lots more that don't want any part of being officially added to our extended family.
Most certainly I can tell you that there would be a good size group that wouldn't want their name on any internet list, as that would constitute an invasion of privacy.
Herp keeping is still largely a socially unacceptable past time, and in many cases people have things they shouldn't ,and in fact are breaking laws even if only bylaws.., there could still be reprocussions if their activities became public knowledge.

It's been quite a few years since there were any CITES busts,but the RCMP used to show up at collectors homes with warrants looking to see CITES papers. Stuff like that is what drove people underground many years back, because it was generally other herpers that narc'ed on them.

You'll have lots of fun when you try to make a publically accessible list of who is working with what hots. That's the prime example that drives home why a registry will never include some, since there are very few places hots can be kept legally. The same applies to many boid keepers. They are still banned in most municipalities across Canada, as are crocodillians and those keeping such know this, so why incriminate themselves.

Years ago the Ontario Herp society tried to comprise such a list and there was opposition and it never got off the ground. I for one was against it, for the protection of herpers rights to privacy.

We couldn't even get herpers to wear name badges at shows, and come to think of it, why exactly do people use alias' on this site..Its all part of the same condition. Some want annonymity, and some have good reason

Another point is that not all keepers/breeders want their affairs out in the open, because they dont want involvement with other herpers. Some only sell direct to wholesalers or export and this is done to avoid the entire social aspect and hassle of direct selling , and also to keep below local radar.
A registry would never be complete or accurate, but if it's to be tried at all I would suggest it only be compiled with permission in writing from everyone listed. That would take a bit of work, and is largely why it doesn't exist already.
The exact same arguments apply to species and bloodline registries and is why they generally never get off the ground.

Sure it works with horses and dogs and stuff society accepts, but standing up to be counted is a bit different with Reptiles
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