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Well, this is a very interesting thread.

I was gonna make a post last night about the recent changes in the market, but good ol Roy got to it first.

One of the reasons I see people getting stuff from the U.S is for snobbery type of reasons. Sarge, our Great Dane, is from German stock. Whoopee Ė three are those dogs in Canada, but we have the bragging rights to say he was German bred.

ďYes, I imported them in 2002Ē

Now many things are available in Canada that werenít just a few years ago, or at least, we didnít know if it was because hardly anyone had the Internet. But in all reality, more of the rarer or high end (not necessarily the same thing) is available in Canada now than ever before.

Jimís idea of a list of species and names of people who are working with them is great. If no one else does it, I might compile it and put it on my website. Not only would it offer people selections, but I bet most of us would learn about things being produced that we didnít know about. It would also help the Canadian market I think.

If not for, I wonder what the ďmarketĒ would look like today. I would guess another forum would have taken its place Ė but you see what I am saying.

The other thing is websites. Iíll use Big Dan as an example; I hope he doesnít mind (as he is velly velly big). I know the guy, but just recently found out what kinds of projects he had up his sleeve. Maybe if heíd have a website, Iíd have known that already. He had 200 boas this year! I didnít know that either. People in Canada like to shop, more than they like to buy Ė thatís been brought up.

Henry Piorun (another guy that could kick my ***) has a fun website. How many of us donít check it regularly (now that itís finally been updated again) just to look and window shop over things we might want. There should be more Canadian websites like that in my opinion, I know Henry sells more snakes because of it.

I know lots of people who go to just to look at the larger selection available down there. Sooner or later, all that looking is gonna make someone buy something.

I am proud to say, that all of our snakes we currently own were bought in Canada, I am Canadian and I am proud to support other breeders, and see them do well. I did at one time, however, bring a bunch of colubrids up from the U.S. Some, were not available up here, and others were just really cheap Ė so I figured Iíd get them thrown in the same box while I was at it. Since then, however, the border has been tightened up and the hassles involved are more so. Coincidentally, the snakes were shipped on 9-11, and had to be re-routed cause of crashing planes and such.

Thatís all for now

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