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Originally posted by da_illest
and yea, sales where low, you probably coulda made more money selling dildo's there...
ROFLMAO!!! Too funny!

On another note, I have no idea why everybody is stressing over the Newmarket Expo!!?? Relax! Breathe in... and out...everything will be okay. It's done and over with. No need to bash the organizers on how "terrible" the show was. The organizers would have to be absolutely CRAZY to put on another show next year knowing there's so many negative and unsupportive people out there. It's soooo sad in my opinion and again very UNCALLED for. For a first time show it did well. That's it that's all. Some of you people need to be more understanding and realize that it does take a lot to schedule an event like this. I just feel bad for the organizers having to read this god awful thread! We're a small "reptile" community in Canada, and support is needed more than negativity to help this community grow.
I'm just shocked at some of the comments made here, and the ongoing comments regarding the Burm and the auction in the hall, what's done is done, and it wasn't nearly as bad as some are making it out to be, my goodness!
A lot of us DID have fun, talking to many people and vendors, in my opinion it was a success because of it. Success doesn't only mean how many sales you can also mean how many GREAT people you met. It was a slow month for BOTH shows, people need to realize this and get on with their lives.
Just my two cents.
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