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Originally posted by Bartman
About the burm being auctioned was basically between 2 people and they knew was a vendor and the other was holding 8 snakes he just bought so both knew what they were doing.

As for some people actually getting mad at mark for auctioning, from what i understand people thought HE was getting something out of it, and this is totally false. He was just being asked to do it, and he figured hey no one is really selling to much (just my assumption).

And that stupid burm bit me lol but yea what im saying is we would have known not to sell to a little kid or their was no one their to even sell it to other then vendors who already know how big this things going to get.

If their is an impulse buyer who wants a burm, hes going to get it for etierh 100 or 50 and still realize he ended up with a big arse snake. Maybe if it was sold for a dollar, anyone would throw it in and take it, but 50 is somewhat of a decision to make.

Anyway i liked the show..very slow..but met a bunch of people and im slowly making my way into the reptile crowd lol
YO! WHO'S SNAKE YOU CALLING STUPID? lol!! so you where the dude with the sick ball python eh? i wanted that thing bad! oh well... anyways, I got the burm and knew damn well what i was getting myself into.. i have many snakes... i was interested in getting one actually before the auction came on and when it did, i knew it was my mine! hehe... anyways, the show was great in the sense that i met lots of reptile peeps and vendors, many of whom where real chill and funny... out of ALL my friends, i'm the only one into reptiles and my boy that came with me (the other bald dude) just came cause i needed a ride and to chill, no real interest in herps... most my friends are into completely different scenes.. i also didn't mind the auctions and the dude who was on the mic (real jokes by the way!) wasn't making any profit what so ever.. if your reading this, dude on the mic, i want some cresties! i think the auctions made it fun... i agree it was a kick in the face to those who breed things like the ones being sold like crazy but that's life... i'm also slowly creeping into the reptile community and one day i'll be running it! haha.. just playing.... or am i?:medwierd: lol... naw, seriously, it was straight jokes at the expo and i had a lot of fun... those are my 2 favorite things, fun and reptiles! well, i forgot one more, mami's ... i swear that burm i got is the meanest thing i've ever seen in my life! (worse then any of the 8-9 ATB's i've owned!) the thing starts striking left and right while i'm at the other end of the room... it has a respatory infection or something but i'm in the process of curing it and it seems to be getting better, if not, off to the vet i go (for free, hehe).. i think it's a cold of sorts... anyways, it was great meeting all the vendors there and i hope to see you all again...

ps. bartman, you now have a few scars to remember me by for not selling me that ball python! :hammer:

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