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Excellent posts. The one thing I see that is blatantly missing is better networking in Canada. Except for a select few that have become high profile on line, the question still remains just what exactly are people breeding and what part of the country are they in. There are a lot of new people coming on line that simply don't know who to talk to when it comes buying herps. So does that mean the breeder prefers to remain anonymous? If I wanted to get something there a website that shows me a directory of breeders that deals in the animals I am looking for? If there is then I haven't come across it. The future of any industry lies in the demand of a product or service. If people are unaware of what is actually available, then how is that industry going to thrive? I would love to buy from local, regional or national breeders. But who are you and what do you sell.

I made a suggestion once here, that a sub forum be created in each section, simply to list the breeders of the species, contact #, both large and small and their locales (no prices, or shameless advertising). Just a whos who.. Seems simple enough.

You want a Python? Check the breeders page, oh look there is John Smith, and he is only an hour away, maybe I can contact him.
I'll save on shipping, make a new friend and probably end up with new animals.

Doesn't that make sense? Too bad it never went anywhere. Maybe its time to relook the issue. As such a suggestion is not designed to take away from the paid advertisers, it is designed to help those who actually want to spend real money on real animals in Canada.

Otherwise what are your options? Go to a show, go to a petstore or hopefully hook up with someone that may know someone that has what you are looking for.

Air cargo is truly something nobody likes to pay, so if it is possible to find what you are looking for within a couple hours drive, would you be more inclined to buy locally?

As far as pricing goes.. An animal is only worth what it is worth to you. If you pay more, then so be it, as long as you are happy with the purchase, the animal and the breeder, then all is good.

I would much rather deal with Canadian Breeders, and if necessary, pay the air freight, then deal south of the border.

Personally I am tired of making inquiries to US breeders only to find that "we don't ship to Canada...period", or "1000.00 US minimum order", or even worse not responding at all.

I was prepared to do a large deal with a large breeder in the states, who shall remain nameless. After waiting for 6 weeks, and 6 emails later, for a simply response to a simple question, I said F*&^ It, I will go elsewhere.

The same breeder also jerked around someone else on their order and that was a 7500.00 order.

The way I see it, US breeders look at the Canadian Market as a joke.

So where do we go from here?

Do we keep doing what we are doing? If so, then I guess we'll keep getting what we're getting.

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