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Excellent post Roy! For those wishing to get stuff from the US, go right ahead. Its going to get harder before it gets easier.

My motto? Unless its an extreme difference in amount of money or quality, I stick with domestic (Canadian breeders). If I can't find it in Canada or if the quality isn't the same, I have no issue with buying from the US (or the UK or anywhere else). I would never make a general statement and say "I always buy here", or "I always buy from there". I take it day by day. If you are stagnant and not dynamic, you won't get anywhere in this industry. Just buy when you want, where you want, when the deals come up. Don't claim I'm going to buy from there because I'm fed up with this, or I only buy here because I'm scared to get paperwork, etc etc. Who cares? Go for the best deal/quality that helps YOU in YOUR breeding program(s). You'll be better off for it.
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