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Originally posted by Simon

It was great meeting you man~! Your leos looked great! If I were really getting out of the leos, I might have gotten something off you. They were really pretty in my opinion and it kind of surprised me that you didn't get to sell that much.
I guess you're not the only one that's surprised guess high quality leopard geckos don't have much of a market here in Canada, that's why we're quickly working on being able to ship worldwide within a few short weeks-couple months.
I find that not many Canadians tend to support the higher end Canadian reptile breeders, and will still look for the "same" stuff from the States...which is fine i guess.

It was great meeting you though buddy, as I mentioned earlier, and its great to know how close and friendly the reptile community really is.

See you at the pcpc show buddy! Hopefully that'll be incredibly busy, which i'm sure it'll be. Everybody will be back from their vacations by then.
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