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I agree with Shane..
its about the money.

A lot of US people will send you money within a heart beat. We Canadians are a bit slow with takes quite a long time for one to decide if they want the animal or not then to send teh money out...and most of the time by the time the customer is suppose to send the money out, they email the breeder 'Oh I am sorry blah blah blah happened and now I am not able to get the money to you so I don't want the animal anymore.' and this is already a good situation. I have had many cases when people don't even email back to let us breeders know. I know for sure that me and Jeff Favelle have gone throught this and a lot of other breeders too. In my experience, as of yet, selling to the US customers were easier. Most of the time (at least a lot more than the Canadian buyers) they send the money in time and I do mean fast too~!!

I personally don't really get why the Canadian market is so slow. Most of the stuff that I get are from the States because we don't have any of the colubrids that I want (hi end corns) in Canada. It is not even available in Canada. So I have to get them from the States. If they had it in Canada I would buy it for sure. Would save a lot of hassle for me to go to the States and get the animal that I want.

Also the shipping also kills the Canadian market a bit....I mean I do get normal corns and if they were only get for things like snows or other more common stuff I sell for $40 dollars. Shpping could be $90 -$120 dollars through Air Canada....I mean...the shipping cost is at least double to triple the price the snake that I am selling out...would anyone want to do that? I don't really think so...cause in that case, the $40 dollar snake would become $160 and that is just for a that is another reason why its killing the Canadian market. The US shipping price is around half of what we are paying.....

So's all about the money.

How liquid (or how fast we breeders can get money into our hands) and the expense that the buyer needs to pay for shipping ~~
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