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From what I've seen in my limited time selling reptiles in the Canadian market is that many Canadians are not as willing to pay the money that is required to purchase a high end reptile, where the Americans are more than eager to pay whatever, whenever. From what I've experienced, buyers (or potential buyers) are VERY finicky here in Canada. With the few reptiles I've sold here in Canada, I've had more than 50% of buyers back out on a deal a day before, or the day of. I'm sure you sellers know what I'm talking about; it's those e-mails 20 mins. before you leave the house to head to the airport, or a designated drop-off spot near home, where the buyer says, "my grandmother died, and I need the money to get on a plane to Alberta", or "oh, that's today?" and you never hear from them again. ""I think I'm going to need more; time, money, etc." The excuses go on and on and on. Maybe that's just how 'we' are north of the border, very iffy, tentative.

I would think that most, if not all Canadian breeders would prefer to sell to Canadians if there wasn't such a hassle. Quite honestly, I would sooner put up with the CITES, USF&W visits, etc. to have the money in the bank the next day and a 100% satisfied customer in the States, than have 10 buyers back out after me sending pictures, lineages, imformation, etc. exchanging bank information, and so on.

I spoke with a very wise individual a few years back who summed up Canadian buyers vs. States buyers perfectly; He said; Americans are willing to drop $2000 on a reptile as a pet, Canadians are willing to drop $200. That puts a lot of the high end breeders/dealers up the creek here in Canada.
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