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Originally posted by Reptile Kings
Simon and his brother from Extreme Snakes, they're great brothers, very funny.

Ya, there were quite a few vendors that didn't show, made it look bare in there. It would've been nice if they emailed Nadia, so she could've moved things around ahead of time, helping in it not look so bare...


Oh so you think that me and my brother is a little clown and think that we are funny now.....LOL....j/k.

It was great meeting you man~! Your leos looked great! If I were really getting out of the leos, I might have gotten something off you. They were really pretty in my opinion and it kind of surprised me that you didn't get to sell that much.

I do agree that some vendors not showing up made the show a little would be better if I had a better table....cause basically I was at the corner and didn't really have much space in putting my things one would have walked to the corner of my table....

But overall speaking it was a great show. Got to meet a lot of vendors and see a lot of 'old' vendors. The best part was talking to them. Talking to Sam, Rob, the Gillards (who sat right beside us) and other vendors were just great!! Brings in a lot of fun and time went by faster talking with herp people...

This was the first show, so it could be better. I bet that even the first pcpc show wasn't perfect or the turn out rate wasn't superb. There are always room for imporvement. I think that this show's has some basic things to 'change'. IMHO 1) Get more publicized, as we can see from these posts not a lot of people knew about this show. 2) Better location (at least with the right direction mentioned before it was quite hard finding the place (especially for people who weren't from that area....I missed it for sure....) 3) I too thought that the auction thing wasn't that good of an idea. I know that would get a few sales out....but to be honest...its nothing much of a different than ruining the market price. A lot of vendors drove a long way to the show...hoping to do a few sales that would at least cover the gas money and the table money....but with others auctioning things away it is pretty hard to sale animals out. Also the mic was really loud.....I was trying to talk to the vendor next to me....and we had a hard time trying to talk over the I wasn't that happy with the auction thing either.

But all in all, I thought that it was a great show (even though I didn't do well...).

I would say "Give yourself a pat on the back Nadia" Good job trying to make a good show~~
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