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Gorilla Baby

At the link, there was a story about a man giving full trust with teh gorllias here there story

Gorilla Baby
Remember the outcry when crocodile hunter Steve Irwin dangled his baby in front of a crocodile? Well how about a man who lets his 300 pound gorilla cuddle his infant girl? Inside Editionís Les Trent has more on the animal expert in England whose unorthodox approach is raising some eyebrows.

If You'd Like To Learn More About Damian Aspinall's Efforts To Return Animals Bred In Captivity To The Wild Go To: :

Its pretty short, i bet you can find out more. This guy lets a gorlla cuddle with an infant, and no charges have been made, but when steve irwin checks out the pegiuns he gets a fine, and when feeding the crocs with his son in his arm, and that caused an investagations. Now i dont see whats wrong with anyone having the with the animals if people are there and watching. But do you think these people are doing this to get attention???There seems to be a lot of stuff about animals. A few month ago a guy gets mauled by a tiger. Theres probly mroe about this but this is all i can find. What are your thoughts

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