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Well, I try to buy as close to me as possible and avoid shipping altogether. However, there are some species/morphs that you just don't find in Canada.

For instance, I am driving down to Seattle in a few days to pick up a 0.1 CB'03 Olive/Black African House Snake. I'm pretty certain I'll have to find her mate in the US as well.

If it weren't for CITES restrictions, I probably would've bought a Corn Island boa from the same breeder as well. However, I am going to try to talk her into doing the paperwork and get it for me anyhow.

I am definitely going to pick up some ackies up here though, although I have to say I have been tempted to pick up some Blue Spotted Timors from down South instead.

So, in my opinion, there would probably be a lot more buying from the US if it weren't for the paperwork, especially for more exotic species. There is just a lot more variety down there. However, I don't see any point in purchasing species from the US that are readily available here, unless it's to acquire new blood lines.
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