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Ive been around this hobby now for quite some time i suppose, and ive been to lots and lots of shows, had the chance to meet lots of members whether live or in chat or just here on the forums...and there is an abundance of single herper girls, single herper boys etc. I think if you want to find have to physically get off your p.c. and go and look. Hit the shows, meet the ppl you talk to on here wont take long. Im not sure if i agree with Katt's mental picture of most herper girls but i have met a few that are out there lol. Most of them are great however and im a fan of anyone who loves and cares for animals...i think its a great quality...ever tried to date someone who doesn't like animals!!! Roy, i have to agree with your conclusions on ppl dating each other in the hobby...i find the exact same thing with the majority of relationships ive seen happen over the years on here.....maybe thats another reason i have no herps :P But seriously....for those who want to meet and get to know someone such as a single herper chick or dude i have two words for you.....CHAT ROOM!!!
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