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Question Canadian reptile market

Well first off I don't want to offend anyone but just looking for some thoughts on this.

Ryan has posted a thread about some of the reptiles bred in Canada in say the last 2 years. Canadian breeders have produced some amazing reptiles, but are not selling that many in Canada. I see lots of people are still buying reptiles from out of country. Now with the paper work and so on would it just be easier to deal with the fellow Canadian breeders? Also would this not help keep the reptile market strong in Canada.
If some one wanted an albino boa there are many that are produced in Canada. Same with some of the geckos,bearded dragons , corns, kings,and ball pythons. There is just tons of reptiles produced in Canada and lots of morphs as well, why would a person have to buy outside of Canada?

Is Canada really that far behind other countries in the reptile business?

Are Canadian breeders really that hard to deal with that some have to go out side the country?

I don't know what to say just looking for some other views and if others have seen this trend as well. I know some that are selling ok and others that are not.
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