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New World Record in Golf

My buddy, Robb James, just set the world record for the most amount of holes golfed in a 24 hour period. He golfed 851 holes at the Victoria golf course here in Edmonton (where he is the assistant pro). The old record was 846, set by a guy from Idaho (I think). He started at 8:00am yesterday and finished up about two hours ago. I don't know the stats yet but his scoring average will probably be in the mid to high 70s. Par was 68. At one point, he hit consecutive rounds of 68 & 69...not bad for 28 minutes per round.

I'm so tired, I was helping out with the event for about 18 of the last 24 hours. I had to rush into work just after he finished.

b.t.w. He was raising money for Cancer research. His web site is
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