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Originally posted by Bartman
About the burm being auctioned was basically between 2 people and they knew was a vendor and the other was holding 8 snakes he just bought so both knew what they were doing.

As for some people actually getting mad at mark for auctioning, from what i understand people thought HE was getting something out of it, and this is totally false. He was just being asked to do it, and he figured hey no one is really selling to much (just my assumption).
Whether the person knew what they were bidding on or not, a BURM should have NEVER been auctioned off, especially at a show that's being sponserd by Reptile Rescue... As for him being asked to do it.. I saw him and a couple other's from that table walking around asking if they wanted to auction off stuff, they even asked us...

I think if you go back and read all the posts in this thread, you will see that that is not the reason people were getting mad at the auctions.. It was actually pretty funny to see vendors start packing up when the auctions were going on...

Oh well, it was a first time show, it can only get better, let's just hope the organizers get wind of this thread, cause there have a been very good posts with good points and ideas for next time..
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