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The "Silent" Auction's proceeds went towards Reptile Rescue, Canada. I however was talking about the spur of the moment auction that was going on with the microphone in the hall, and the animals that were being sold there were small inexpensive ones. The beardie was originally priced at $35 at the vendors table, and sold for $20. Not bad, if you think that it helped them with a sale, so what they missed out on $15.
The other two items were small items as well, i'm not talking about them auctioning off a huge iguana or something.
It brought some humor and it was funny. Simple as that.

As for advertising yes, their could have been more. Again it was the first show for them up here, and it didn't do too terrible. Heck many vendors sold more there than the pcpc show, so it wasn't too bad. Hopefully next year will be better for them.

I'm still surprised at the many vendors that just decided not to show up without letting her know...rather rude I'd say....hmmm..
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