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I think the silent auctions were great. Money went to a good cause. The vendors had already accepted they were giving away the product, so what does the price matter.
No one is complaining about the Silent Auction.. The complaints are about the people with the mic walking up to tables asking if anyone wanted to auction off stuff.. Ball Python's being auctioned off for $30 when you have some breeders there that produce Balls every year is a huge kick in their face.. Same goes for the Beardie being auctioned off when you have some Canada's top Beardie Breeders with tables at the show, it's a kick in their face.. And a burm being auctioned off?? Of all snakes, a Burm??? You honestly can't think that's a good idea, can you??? The Auctions never should have taken place unless all the vendor's agree'd on it.

Im not sure if the money from the above auctions went to 'a good cause' but if it did, they're gonna need it in a few months when whoever won that Burm realizes what they've gotten themselves into..
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