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I have been a snakekeeper for the better part of 25 years. A few years ago I had to give them up when I was going through a separation and when I decided to get back into herps again about a 18 months ago I thought I would start out with lizards so I bought some (3) crested geckos. Now I realize that there is a lot of variation in the activity levels and character of different species but I knew that I still needed to keep snakes. I now have 17 snakes in my collection and can say that some of them are every bit as entertaining and "pet-like" as my lizards. Then again, I keep mostly colubrids and now find most boids, although beautiful, somewhat boring in their lethargic habits. I just got a young Russian Rastsnake that actually comes over to me when I open the lid of it's container and I can't get it off my hand without some effort. I certainly can't say that about my Cresteds...
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