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Well, I know it's nto listed, but I'm gonna have to toot for tortoises as best for all-around pet qualities. They are just so expressive and "personable". I started off with lizards and they can be a lot of fun too. My first was a green iguana. I loved her to pieces, but will never have another. Just not my thing. My geckos are a lot of fun, and I love working with uros as well. Monitors are definitely very cool to watch and interact with. Lizards do take up much more space and a lot more maintenance must go in to them. Snakes definitely take the cake for ease of care. It isn't as easy to go on a trip with a house full of lizards than a house full of snakes! Over all, I'm a snake girl - they are totally cool and fit my needs well. My collection is and always will be, predominantly snakes, but of course I like to have a few of the other guys for the kind of pets that are more interactive and expressive, more "pet like"
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