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Good show. However I was not impressed with the auction. I believe the money was going to reptile rescue? and they allowed a burm to go on the auction? Isnít this in there top 3-4 problem animal? The bearded dragon went for too little. In fact a lot of the vendors got pretty upset when this auction started. I'm not superised some vendors didn't show up. for a couple reasons that I will keep to myself.

Auctioning off live animals is wrong to do. Because I am not saying that it will, but most likely is going to end up in the hands of an impulse buyer and will soon die.

Another However! It was a first show and always room for improvement. Auction I would not do again or a lot of vendors wonít show, more advertising with signs on the streets, post on all the Canadian public forums. Not just on the reptile rescue site.

My two cents

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