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Originally posted by bistrobob85
What!?!?! Not looking hard enough?!?!?! Well in the aera they're pretty hard, anyways, i have a girlfriend ( which doesnt really enjoy my reptiles much ) at the moment but i was just surprised of how hard you reptile girls are hard to find, where do you hang out? In the trees? Under rocks? Near rivers? Digging in the sand?
Where do herpers (male or female) hang out? The only time I ever meet herpers is through shows or sales. Used to meet some through work before it closed down as well. I think I know just about the same percentage of single herper guys and single herper girls as well.

Although I have to agree with Roy. I'm glad Mike isn't a herper, it keeps balance in our relationship, as well as gives me something that I can have as my own thing. I wouldn't want to be in a relationship with another herper... it just would be disasterous I'm sure :firestart
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